The project for residency at Hangar centre, Lisbon: „Social choreography  –  scenes in urban space“:

During my residency in March 2017, I explored the subject of human bodies in urban space. I wrote a paper that draws directly from the Lisbon spatial scene, analyzing how the use of space creates interactions that can be looked as performed „scenes“. I astudied the communicative acts that are carried out in Lisbon urban space: streets, parks,markets, riverside, squares, cafes. Reframing these in the context of bodily movement and performativity known from the theories of performing arts I regarded the ways people experience the space they are dwelling, residing and moving in – it is connected to the perception and bodily phenomenon of space. The other part is formed by cultural and social traditions and practices: I will study the habits, traditions and norms rooted in the local culture and how individuals „perform“ themselves in public spaces. I will document the interactions, lines and scenes taking place in photos to illustrate the verbal text.

Growing from the theoretical basis of performing arts theories, sociosemiotics and semiotics of city and space, I described the human movement and bodily interactions using the concept of „dwelling“ and Umwelt by J. von Uexküll (the percieved and experienced world of an individual organism). Deriving from cultural semiotics, I would regard the patterns of movement as texts that are constantly created and re-written by human movement in space.

The article based on the project and my findings was published in Acta Semiotica Estica.

Some illustrative photos: