Uus Tants ’13 ja nu_dnc.txt seminari I tekst

Seminari käigus pidime nähtud lavastuste kohta tekste kirjutama, esimesel õhtul kindlast lavastuse komponendist, teisel õhtul mingist analüütilisest perpektiivist lähtuvalt. Krista ja Arne tööprotsessis püüdsin konstrueerida narratiivi.

Krista Köster’s and Arne Forsen’s work-in-progress “What’s beyond – Mystery of Sounds and Space” from the perspective of storyline and narrative

Entrance. Room folded in complete darkness. Warm spotlight. A continuing image of a dancer between lights and shadows, moving slowly and touching softly the air, exploring the surrounding space. Some bursts of pianosounds are streching towards me from the background. Dancer responds to the music with her body using subtle and seamlessly effortless movement quality.

As the whole process took place, different images and ideas arouse in my mind, concerning the performer in her way of moving in the shadowy space. It seemed to be a fragment of a long journey and according to the atmosphere, lightning and sound, I was taken to a place far-far away, somewhere high up between the foggy mountains full of little lonely roads in the corner of the Far-East. Slow, yet intense movements, made with calm elegance along with black costumes indicated some kind of a self-reflecting journey above the problems and routine of everyday life. The story that came into my mind was the story of a zen-buddhist making her way along the paths, looking at the landscape, letting her mind flow freely. Perhaps an ascetic dwelling within her own inner world.
As she moves forward, making accidental stops and pauses, she connects with a world surrounding her, discovering some new qualities and shapes of space and music. Endless possibilities that lie ahead, several routes to take. The sound supported her travel, offering meditative tones and moments to reflect letting her concentrate on the state of being. Listening carefully to the music and reacting somatically to it, the body of the dancer seemed to connect with the outer world. And as the steps of a passer-by echoed in the room, I imagined she was looking at another searching soul, walking towards the mountain peak.
One of my favourite moments visually was the scene where dancer held her body upright towards the ceiling, balancing on her back and walking slowly in the air without the support of her hands. The equilibrium was attained easily, or so it seemingly was. Kinesthetically the body built itself up step by step, using strong control in every muscle and the whole attentiveness of the dancer. It demonstrated kind of an awareness of the sorrounding, for me – the nature and its specific sounds. Also a strong presence and insight were shown behind the abstract choreography and improvisation. Like she was walking on air. On top of the world in total peace.
The sound design changed everything into a zen-like journey, stressing the perceptive senses of the dancer. While the story continued, some sudden movements and variations in music were demonstrated: the seeker went through the room, into the dark and blackened depth of the stage room, creating an image of arriving at the right place. But then, music culminated with loud, rather inconvenient and edgy sounds of violin, and as movements quickened and turned a bit more uncontrollable, the seeker struggled with some inner demons and obstacles. An inner resistance, something holding back, had stopped her on the way of self-seeking. The impact of light on the moving skin and bones underneath it, framed by dark clothing, created an impression of a breathing canvas, a moment of real liveliness.
After that, lonely sounds of violin bow, pulling the strings of metal plates filled the room, and the dancer came back to her task, concentrating on the sounds offered by the strings and plates. Helding a rock indicated some difficulties and while manipulating the heavy object a play of balance and power was performed. Perhaps she met inner shadows or problems and was trying to find a stable point in her system? Perhaps she tested her strength and nerve on this challenging road?
Communication with the space and sounds created some kind of mystical overall atmosphere. Exploring continued, different movements and findings occurred. Finally the dancer and the musician, two explorers inside the larger entirety met in the center of the room. They looked onto each other, took a breath and…what comes next, I can’t say. What I can say is, that I saw a process, a line of flight in some faraway place where time and space take different forms and people can contact their inner worlds while being really attentive towards their surroundings. The path takes them higher and higher, the only task left is to fully melt in the environment.


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